We have released Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware v1.3 BETA 2 which includes the following changes:
  • Multi disc support for the DVDMenu system.
  • Fix the missing last 4 digits ODD key "16D4S drives"  from WASABI display information.

Slim Hitachi drives and Lite-On 16D5S drives are supported by Wasabi360S providing that you have the drive key. The drive key for these models cannot currently be extracted automatically and can be obtained through using the RGH mod. There are many tutorials on the web detailing how to extract drive keys using the RGH mods.

We are currently researching support for HDD's with 1024 bytes sector size. This will be supported in a future release.

The Wasabi 360 Ultra users guide has been updated to reflect the changes in this firmware release. Both may be obtained from the downloads page.

We have released Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware v1.3 BETA 1 which includes the following changes:
  • DVDMenu added - a graphical, skinnable, fully customisable on-screen menu system
  • Eject processing tweaked
  • Drive key is now displayed at the Wasabi version information screen

DVDMenu is a graphical, customisable alternative to the standard ISO menu system. It works by generating a graphical menu system as a DVD movie, which you can then "play" using the Xbox 360 DVD player and then navigate the menu in order to select your desired ISO. DVDMenu is skinnable and fully customisable. We have initially included two themes, "Icons" and "List", which are shown below. For full details, please see the documentation accompanying the release.


We have released Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware v1.2 which includes the following changes:
  • Automatic drive key extraction for Xbox Slim Liteon 16D4S drives added
  • Dynamic AP25 responses based on disc profiling is now supported, allowing AP25 protected titles to function with the latest dashboard + console specific dae.bin updates
  • AP25 topology data may be sourced from either the provided AP25 database or from within iXtreme LT v3 ISO files
  • Support for GPT partitions added, enabling support for drives larger than 2TB

In addition, the Wasabi 360 Ultra users guide has been updated to reflect the changes in this firmware release. Both may be obtained from the downloads page.

We have released Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware v1.2 BETA 3 which includes the following changes:
  • Supports iXtreme LT v3 AP25 topology data from disc image
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in the auto-extracted drive key not being permanently saved in rare cases
We have released Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware v1.2 BETA 2 which includes the following changes:
  • Automatic drive key extraction for Xbox Slim Liteon 16D4S drives is now supported
  • Updated AP25 disc profile database

Full details of the new automatic drive key extraction feature are available in the documentation included with the firmware download. The user guide will be updated to reflect these changes for the final v1.2 firmware release.

From the team that brought you the intuitive and immensely popular "virtual ISO" on-screen menu system for Xbox 360 optical disc drive emulators comes yet another world first - fully integrated, automatic drive key extraction. With Wasabi 360 Ultra there is no need for expensive third party drive key extraction hardware: with a single press of a button on the Wasabi 360 control panel, the drive key is automatically extracted from your original ODD and saved to Wasabi 360 Ultra's onboard storage for future use. And that's all you need to do - the previously saved drive key is retrieved and used automatically on each subsequent Xbox 360 boot. Simply plug and play - easy, fast, safe and convenient.

The automatic drive key extraction feature currently supports all Xbox Slim Liteon 16D4S drives, and support for the various Xbox Phat drives is currently under development. Automatic drive key extraction for Xbox Slim's will be included in the upcoming v1.2 BETA 2 firmware release. More details will follow on the Wasabi 360 Ultra website in the coming days, stay tuned.

We have released Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware v1.2 BETA 1 which includes the following changes:
  • Dynamic AP25 responses based on disc profiles are now supported, allowing AP25 protected titles to function with the latest 14699 dash and console specific dae.bin updates
  • Support for GPT partitions added, enabling support for drives larger than 2TB

The updated handling of AP25 protection is in response so the recent AP25 updates that Microsoft has been rolling out via Xbox Live. Wasabi 360 Ultra is now capable of correctly responding to any random AP25 challenge, such as those found in the console specific part of dae.bin. This means that Wasabi 360 Ultra can now fully support any AP25 (and XGD3) games in conjunction with fully updated consoles running the latest 14699 dashboard. It is important to note that the way with which AP25 protection is handled has changed entirely with this release; full details may be found in the documentation within the update archive. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with these changes before testing this BETA firmware.

Finally, if you are testing this BETA firmware, it is now safe to continue using Xbox Live with Wasabi 360 Ultra in pass-through mode.

Owing to overwhelming demand, Wasabi 360S and Wasabi 360 have been in shortage since release. We have been working hard to ramp up production and we are pleased to confirm that all pre-orders will be fulfilled before Christmas. We are now manufacturing a new batch which will be shipped to resellers shortly to meet existing orders. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience and support!
Important announcement regarding Wasabi 360 and AP25 protected games

As some of you may be aware, recently Microsoft has begun SILENTLY updating Xbox 360's as they connect to Xbox Live with updated protection for AP25 enabled games. The updated protection is such that it is unique to every console, and at the current time the only known way to circumvent this is to simply stay off Xbox Live. If you have connected to Xbox Live within the past 48 hours then it is likely your console has already been silently updated. If this is the case then you will no longer be able to play AP25 enabled games (please note however that your console will not get flagged thanks to Wasabi's AP25 failure protection).

We would like to stress to everyone - stay off Xbox Live until further notice! Do not sign onto Xbox Live even if your Wasabi 360 Ultra is in pass-through mode. In addition we would like to remind everyone that you should never update your Xbox 360 system software to a version beyond what is officially supported by Wasabi 360 Ultra (which at the current time is 2.0.13604.0). Team Wasabi, along with the rest of the Xbox 360 scene, are working towards a solution to this AP25 "dae.bin" issue and will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Following the release of Wasabi 360 Ultra for Xbox 360 Phat consoles, we have added the Wasabi 360 Ultra (Xbox 360 Phat) installation guide to the downloads page.
We have released Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware v1.1 which includes the following changes:
  • Added advanced configuration options, manipulated through the new wasabi.xml file
  • Changed the default boot behaviour - now the previously used ISO file will be automatically mounted at boot, rather than the "mixed media" ISO list. Simply "eject" Wasabi in the usual manner in order to bring up the ISO list after boot. This behaviour can be configured (and thus reverted to the previous system) via wasabi.xml
  • Added an update blocker feature, which prevents Xbox dashboard updates from being initiated from a Wasabi mounted ISO file. This is enabled by default, although it can be configured via wasabi.xml. We recommend that you leave this enabled at all times; if you wish you update your Xbox dashboard then you should do so with Wasabi in pass-through mode, launching the update either from Xbox live or from a USB stick
  • The Wasabi ISO list has always had a feature where the most recently mounted ISO will be shown at the top of the list. From this release, this feature can be toggled on and off via wasabi.xml
  • You can now specify any arbitrary folder on your HDD from which Wasabi should list ISO files, once again configured via wasabi.xml
  • Various stability and performance tweaks

In addition to this, we've added an ISO thumbnail feature to the Wasabi 360 Ultra on-screen ISO menu. This feature is currently undergoing BETA testing and will be included in the v1.2 firmware release, due out in a few days. The v1.1 firmware release can be found in the downloads page. An updated user guide reflecting the above changes will be released shortly.

Finally, we can confirm that Wasabi 360 Ultra is compatible with the recently released 2.0.13604.0 system software update. The AP25 challenge table did not change with this dashboard update and thus, there is no change to the ap25.bin file.

We have several pieces of information to release today concerning Xbox Live, our USB to ESATA adaptor and the initial Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware release:

We have noticed on several forums that users are debating the potential ban issues of using ODDE devices such as ours and other manufacturer's products on Live. We have refrained from stating that the product in its current state can SAFELY go on Live. This is due to the fact that Live is a dynamic system which can issue bans in waves. This means that your friends' systems or indeed your own system which is installed with ANY brand of ODD emulator may work today, but be banned tomorrow or indeed at any time in the future. There is no fail safe method currently which allows safe play on Live without possibility of a ban. We have noticed many forum members discussing that both Wasabi 360 Ultra and similar products can be used with Live currently. Whilst this is currently true, it is by no means safe to say that these systems will not be banned in the imminent future.

We'd like to state therefore that we feel that it is irresponsible for manufacturers to allow users to believe that it is safe to use the console with any ODD emulator without the risk of an imminent ban. We hope that other manufacturers will be responsible in joining us to say that this is a real risk. After all, furnished with the truth, users are able to decide themselves on a fair and level basis whether or not to risk playing on Live with any ODD emulator.

We'd also like to remind users that our USB to ESATA adapter will start manufacturing soon. This will allow users the maximum amount of convenience to use either an ESATA or a USB HDD. The retail price is US$9.99 or Euro 9.99. The adapter will be available from all Wasabi resellers.

Finally, we have made Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware v1.0 available for download. This comes with a special feature announcement - support for multi disc games. ISO's can be trivially swapped in-game thanks to a feature of the Xbox dashboard which allows you to select arbitrary music tracks to play during the game and thus this feature can be exploited to display the ISO list. Full details may be found in the updated Wasabi 360 Ultra user guide which has been added to the downloads page. Special thanks goes to Zerberus of 360hacks.de for suggesting this method!

We have updated the downloads page, adding the Wasabi 360 Ultra user guide and installation manual for Xbox 360 Slim consoles. Firmware downloads will follow soon.

We have uploaded a demonstration video, showcasing some of the advanced features supported by Wasabi 360 Ultra such as support for AP25 protected games and the new XGD3 format. AP25 support is implemented without relying on patching ISOs - all you need to do is copy the AP25 data file corresponding to your Xbox dashboard version to the HDD, its that simple. We also further showcase the innovative and exclusive on-screen menu system provided by Wasabi 360 Ultra.

Final Wasabi 360S Ultra (for Xbox Slim) hardware was used to make this video; the Wasabi housing can be seen on the left hand side of the Xbox Slim. Manufacturing of final retail units is currently underway.
Team Wasabi are proud to present Wasabi 360 Ultra running on the Xbox 360!

At this time we would also like to introduce you to a very unique, intuitive feature that is an integral part of the Wasabi 360 experience. We bring you the world's first implementation of an Xbox 360 side on-screen menu navigation system for an optical disc emulator. No need to interact with a small box/LCD for feedback or navigation. Simply navigate the on-screen menu system to select ISO's using your Xbox 360 controller.

No need to get off the sofa, press any device side buttons or suffer any inconvenience. Watch the following video as we navigate through the XMB to select and execute game ISO's.

Keep an eye out for our next Wasabi 360 Ultra demonstration video which will be posted over the next few days. Ultimate performance, maximum innovation. Team Wasabi

UPDATE: We've been contacted by people who are concerned that the way in which Wasabi 360 Ultra implements its menu system can be trivially blocked by a future update of the Xbox 360 dashboard. This is simply not the case, as we will explain. The Wasabi 360 Ultra menu system works by taking advantage of a fundamental feature provided by the Xbox 360 system software - the ability to play media from end-user burnt data discs. The Wasabi 360 Ultra menu system works by mimicking such a data disc; from the perspective of the Xbox 360 it only sees standard data discs being inserted, there is no exploit involved and no way this system can be fundamentally blocked. As long as Xbox 360 supports playing media from data discs, our menu system will work. Even in the very unlikely event that this feature is removed in a future system software, we have developed alternative methods by which ISO's can be selected.

In relation to yesterdays news, here are the first few Wasabi 360S PCB's off the production line:

We're pleased to announce that we have started manufacturing the Wasabi 360S. First stocks will be available to ship to resellers this weekend. Manufacturing of the Phat version will commence shortly.

A video will be posted soon showing operation of the Wasabi 360.

USB adapter coming soon to Wasabi 360 and Wasabi 360S - maximum connectivity convenience whilst retaining the option of utilising high performance ESATA HDD's!

Team Wasabi are pleased to announce that we will soon offer a USB to ESATA adapter cable for our Wasabi 360 and 360S. The device will be offered retail at US$9.99 or €9.99 RRP, and is compatible with all Wasabi 360 hardware released from day one. Stocks will be available from all Wasabi resellers.

Team Wasabi will continue to lead the 360 scene forward with cutting edge innovations. Stay tuned for further updates and features to be announced shortly..

To illustrate just how fast Wasabi 360 Ultra is, we have performed some benchmarking against a range of external USB 2.0 HDD’s. We found that the upper limit for read transfers from a USB 2.0 HDD is 37MB/second and as shown by the graph, this does not have much variation. With Wasabi 360 Ultra, data is read off an external SATA drive and then passed directly to the Xbox 360 SATA port. This means that, unlike with a USB based solution, there is no overhead related to translating between protocols (ie: USB -> SATA). This efficient design allows Wasabi 360 Ultra to achieve read speeds upwards of 80MB/second, more than double the maximum throughput offered by USB 2.0 solutions

For the benchmark we tested how long it took to read 1GB of sequential data from each device, doing so 5 times and then taking the average. This was done firstly with each USB HDD directly connected via USB to a PC, and then with the SATA HDD inside each USB enclosure removed and connected via ESATA to Wasabi 360 Ultra, which was in turn connected to a PC.

Wasabi 360 Ultra website launches! The Ultimate ODDE for 360 and 360S is born.. Stay tuned for further announcements.